Contact Mr. Mustard

If you have an idea please send it to me. If you like my work please let me know and mention it on twitter and social media.

If you’re one of the amazingly gullible and easily manipulated republican base I’ll talk to you if you’re willing to admit two things.

  1. Rush Limbaugh is not perfect.
  2. Every American must have basic health care for life.

You see, I know democrats aren’t perfect and work to improve them. Will you say that about republicans? If not then you’re part of a cult and that is a sickness.

If you won’t meet me halfway or think republicans are perfect and democrats are evil or the devil then drop dead. You don’t get to do this. Not after George W. Bush and now Trump.

Don’t get me started about religion. Religion is a joke and a cancer to the human race.

With all that said contact me if you wish.