Mr. Mustard Mission

Since Rush Limbaugh discovered in the early 1990’s that some white Americans are easily manipulated and are racists hate radio has flourished beyond anyone’s estimates.

Now there are over 300 republican hate radio pundits on AM radio spouting hate and conspiracy theories against liberals and the Democratic Party. For decades they’ve had to increase their outlandish claims to keep their pathetic audiences angry and engaged.

It’s long past due that someone attacks republican AM hate radio directly. Mr. Mustard’s mission is to do exactly that and encourage the Democratic party to begin discrediting them too.

Ideas are welcome. If you want to flame me or threaten my life go right ahead because it inspires me to continue and gives me new ideas.

Finally, in all the outlandish conspiracy theories from republican hate AM radio, they’ve managed, along with republican propaganda channel Fox “News”, to convince the republican base to support Russia and murderous dictator/sworn enemy of freedom and the United States of America Vladimir Putin instead of liberals.

That’s too far and with con-man business failure Donald J. Trump as president they may be literally committing treason. Yet they ridicule us. They claim we hate America.

They have to be stopped or at least exposed for the pathetically ignorant, scared and lazy clowns they are.